Online Surf Shops Vs. Traditional Surf Shops: Which One Should You Patronize?

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Whether you were looking for board shorts women’s sizes or you wanted to buy or rent a surfboard, you no other choice but to check out the surf shops in your neighborhood. With the introduction of online shopping, we are now faced with a choice – online or traditional.

Which one should you choose? We’ve highlighted some of the differences below so you can make an informed choice.

Money-saving potential

With regards to saving money, online shopping is the hands down winner. There’s just no arguing this issue. Here’s a look at the many ways that you save money when you shop at online surf shops:
Online stores offer bigger discounts which are in fact their savings that they are passing on to you. The savings can really add up when buying things for the whole family.
Online stores also offer free shipping if you buy above a certain amount. Each store has their own criteria for qualifying for free shipping.
You won’t spend money on gas when you shop online.
You don’t have to pay for parking either.
It’s easy to see that there are several different ways that you save money when you shop online.

Time-saving potential

When it comes to saving time, you’ll find that online shopping is the winner in this regard too. Looking for board shorts women’s size medium? Just open up your computer, and type the exact terms into the search engine and you’ll be faced with thousands of options. Well, you may have to spend some time browsing through the vast array of options but even that’s much less time than you would spend going from one store to another in search of board shorts in the size, style, and color of your choice.


When you shop online, you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas. No dressing up, no slipping on a pair of shoes or a jacket in winter. No firing up the car, wrestling traffic or looking for parking. It’s absolutely amazing how convenient it is to start shopping online. No matter what you are looking for, it could take you just a few minutes to do a search, identify what you want, pay for it and order it to be shipped to your address.

Return policy

Yes, most traditional stores offer a return policy if the item you are returning is intact and unused. Interestingly, all reputed online stores also offer return policies so in this one respect, both stores are equal.

It’s easy to see that online surf shops are the way to go whether you are looking for swimsuits, slippers or board shorts for women, men, or children.

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How to Raise Up your Startup

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After this basic set up the strain is to promote and raise up the venture.For a startup also, this promotion matters.

How to perform this promotion?

Before jumping into the procedure let us check when to execute the promotional activities to scale the business.

This promotional process is actually a marketing process built with many certain facts.The point lies behind the proper framing of the Marketing strategy we choose to follow.

The prime factor to build up a business /startup is to frame the rightful marketing strategy.It is how we spread our business with certain facts to our audience and get them attracted to what we provide.If then it is demandable then surely they will purchase us.

Lets see how to promote?

Email Marketing:Email is professional media for communication and such a move is beneficial.
Blog Submission:Blog can contain many information which you want to convey to the audience and the market.Thus blogs can create a space for your venture and notify the market and clientele.
Socially Activeness:Social Activeness is how lively and instantly you are reachable socially.This is an important factor as instant communications are always appreciated.
Events,Advertisements are a part of this.

Nowadays Social Medias are active platforms for the vendor & the vendee to communicate.This indirect communication can achieve many needful clients.

Sales Management:It is a true fact that it is not able to build a strong wing at the initial stage of a startup/venture due to the shortage of income.But still there must be an individual like an accountant to manage the sales and financial operations to avoid losses and properly manage our money.
Be prepared for unexpected circumstances:There are always chances of unexpected circumstances like a natural disaster,a pandemic situation e.t.c.Even Though these circumstances are temporary the after effects may be permanent.So it is advisable to be prepared for such circumstances.
For instance,the current pandemic situation by the corona disease has made a worse situation everywhere.

Not only being prepared ,we should also have an alternative plan to survive from the pandemic situation.

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The Importance of Logistics Company in The Modern World

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Ask any company or a retailer and they will tell you the importance of having the logistics properly delivered to the target destination. Not only to meet your customers’ needs, but a logistics company is important to compete with the rivals. So, what exactly is logistics, and why are they important in this modern age.

Well, a transportation company, also known as a freight forwarding agency, specializes in getting your goods transported from one location to another. Whether you need to transfer your office items to a new place for business relocation or you are sending orders to your customers, effective logistics services play a key role in giving your company the attention and growth it needs for success. The job of a logistics company in the UK is to ensure safe and timely transportation of your goods – whether you need local transportation or international shipping.

Reduce your Management Load

A smart and experienced logistics company knows how to handle your freight. They know which strategy will work wonders for smooth and effective transportation of your goods to your audience in the most reliable manner. They choose an efficient and uncluttered technique that works wonders, not only for your business but for your customers too. Now, instead of having to worry about the logistics, you can focus fully on the other important tasks.

A Better and Improved Customer Experience

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to cater to your customers’ requirements by understanding their preferences and supplying their orders accordingly. Whether it is a bulk order or a few product deliveries, you should always work with a reputable logistics company to ensure safe and fast delivery. Delay in transportation translates into unsatisfied customers. If you want your customers to do business with you repeatedly, you need to provide them with cost-effective and quick delivery services.

Improved Efficiency

If you have regular shipping requirements, especially cargo sea shipping, you should definitely consider finding a professional logistics company. Not only do they offer fast transportation, but only a logistics company can help prepare an effective transportation plan for your business. They will suggest ways to minimize the operational costs of logistics while offering fast delivery to your audience. A professional logistics provider means lower operational and storage costs for your business.

Increases the Value of Your Organization

Logistics do a lot more than supplying your goods safely to your target location at the right time. These companies increase the value of your products by making them more accessible to your audience. You never have to sacrifice the quality of your service just because you need to get the products delivered within a short deadline.

That’s what logistics company in UK helps you achieve. Improved logistics means quick delivery combined with the highest level of safety standards. Only a logistics company can handle your transportation jobs in the most efficient way possible, thus improving your brand’s reputation and making your products more accessible to your audience.

Get Your Goods Delivered to the Right Audience at the Right Time

The last thing any business wants after accepting the order is the wrong or delayed delivery. Nothing seems more frustrating to your customers than goods delivered to the wrong place and at the wrong time. Logistics companies offer you the tracking details, allowing your customers to track the status of their orders.

Proper management of the inventory and quick supply is important for customer satisfaction. These are really important when you have customers based in foreign countries, looking for fast and cost-effective shipping services.

Not only do they help you with inventory management and order tracking, but the logistics company is there for you throughout every stage of supply management. They handle the custom duty, documentation, and other cargo-related obligations at the port efficiently, thus providing you with seamless transportation service.

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Build Your List and Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

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More and more businesspeople are beginning to realize they need to get serious about building their permission-based email lists and taking advantage of the opportunities provided by online marketing. They may have been doing email marketing for years with a haphazard, less than focused attitude, but times have changed…and so must they. Smart business owners are learning that, if they get serious about building their lists, they can bring in more business. It really works!

Building your list in tough economic times is more important than ever. Your list is a pre-qualified target audience. They know you and your products and services. Chances are they have already bought from you in the past. They are an easier sell and a great source of referrals. That’s why email marketing is the most effective tool in your marketing mix. For fractions of a penny per person, you can stay in touch with your best customers and nurture your relationship with them. When they are ready to buy….they will think of you first!

Permission is Not Optional

Email marketing is different from other forms of direct marketing. Because of today’s anti-spam laws, you can no longer send random marketing emails to anyone and everyone you have an address for. And only permission-based emails make it past the spam filters and into your customer’s inbox. The rest go to a spam folder and most likely never get opened. You need to ask before you add someone to your email list.

Unsolicited email can also hurt your brand, your marketing campaign, and your reputation. Consider how you feel every time you open your email account and see unsolicited emails from some pharmaceutical company trying to sell the “bigger is better” drugs, or from some non-profit organization wanting donations….or anyone trying to sell you something you did not ask for. You can avoid creating that same negative impression by ensuring that you are using only permission-based email addresses. The best way to do this is to provide a two-stage opt-in process that requires confirmation before the address goes into your database.

Act Quickly, But Don’t Over Do It

If someone shares his or her email address with you, that person is now expecting to get something from you. Don’t wait several weeks or months to make contact with them. He or she won’t remember you and will delete your email or unsubscribe immediately. Send a welcome email and a copy of your most recent newsletter while the connection is still fresh on their mind.

Sending too many emails too often is also a no-no. People don’t want to be bombarded with information about your business, no matter how good it might be. Anything more than once a week could generate a high number of spam complaints and get you on an ISP’s bad side. Your emails can end up out in space and never even reach the customer’s spam folder.

Clean and Analyze Your Mailing Lists

One great thing about email marketing is that you can monitor the results much more carefully than with old fashioned direct mailing. You can see how many emails were sent, how many were opened, who opened them, who forwarded the email to friends, who used the links in the email to click on your web site, and you can see who blocked you or opted out from receiving future emails. The technology is wonderful. Knowing what to do with it is another story.

You can’t just keep adding to the list without ever cleaning it up. Growing your list is important, but don’t do it at the expense of quality. A large list may look impressive, but having a list of quality names should be your priority.

Using a “dirty” list with too many unsolicited, incorrect, out-of-date or duplicated addresses hurts your email campaign. The statistics will not be accurate and could give you a false sense of failure. By cleaning out bad addresses, you will be able to reduce the amount of undeliverable emails and it also helps you to spot problems.

Review your list on a regular basis and see who hasn’t opened or clicked for the last six months. Send them a special offer compelling them to re-connect with you. If that doesn’t work, you may want to consider another option, Broadcast Marketing []. This new phone calling technology is a more personal and direct way to make contact with your customers.

Getting New Subscribers

The Sign Up Box

The simplest and most obvious way to get new subscribers is to provide them with a sign up box. This should appear in a prominent location on your home page and on each page of your web site. Place one in the signature block at the end of each email you send out.

In Your Store

Keep a “join our mailing list” sign-up sheet at your register and instruct employees to invite customers to sign up. Have a guest book in your reception area for visitors to provide their name and email address. Place a clear Lucite stand near the sign-up sheets with your most current newsletter in it so people can see what they are signing up for. A visual like this can be very compelling. If you don’t have a monthly newsletter, there are services available that specialize in this.

Offer an incentive for new subscribers such as an email coupon for 10% off their next purchase. Be sure to send this coupon out right away. The customer is expecting it and it also gives you the opportunity to verify the email address they gave is correct. If the email fails to go through, contact the customer by phone if possible to get the correct email address.

Over the Phone

Whenever a customer or potential customer contacts you by phone, be sure to ask if they are already signed up for your monthly newsletter and email-only specials. If not, ask if they would like to sign up.

At Business or Networking Events

When you meet colleagues at a business function, ask permission to sign them up for your mailing list. They will most likely have a business card handy with their name and email address on it. If you will keep a pen on hand, simply make a “yes” notation on the back of the card indicating they have given you permission to add their name to your list. You can also place the “yes” cards in one pocket and the “no thanks” cards in another.

Always have your own business cards on hand to pass out as well. This is still one of the least expensive methods of advertising. Have a line on the back of your card with your web site address and an invitation to “sign up for our free newsletter.”

On Your Printed Materials

Be sure to have a line on all of your printed materials (brochures, direct mail, fact sheets, business cards) with your web site address and an invitation to “sign up for our free newsletter.” Offer an incentive for signing up, e.g. a free report on something related to your business, a free consultation, email-only discounts.

Social Media Sites and Blogs

If you have a blog or you are on one of the social media sites (which you should be!) like Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter, post a “tease” or a small portion of your newsletter there with a link to your web site or a sign up link.

Friends and Family

It’s a big mistake to overlook our close friends and family when we are seeking to increase our email list. They can be some of our biggest “fans” when it comes to what we do or the products we offer and they enjoy telling others about it. If your newsletter has articles of interest or helpful information, they will be more inclined to forward it to their friends and co-workers. The more contacts you make, the more sign ups you will have…..and the more your business will grow.

Andrea Pekarik Welch specializes in helping people to build their business through the understanding of the basics of advertising, internet marketing and utilizing social media to their business’ advantage. Whether you have the typical brick and mortar business, email marketing with monthly newsletters is an absolute must when keeping in contact with your clients.

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All About Social Media Marketing

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I have gone over certain characteristics of social media marketing in a number of various discussions over the years, nevertheless as far as I know I’ve never undertaken an “all-in-one” kind of article, outlining the differences that can be found with Social Media and also the many ways a person can leverage them.

Social Media is actually growing like no media has ever grown before. MySpace was one of the first mass social platforms, then Facebook, Twitter and the list goes on and on. As Internet Marketers Social Media is a comparatively new, HUGE market and opportunity, but it’s far from a secret!

Presently there are a huge number of services committed to leveraging Social Media to do this, that and the other. It is a marketing machine, nevertheless, just a tiny percentage of internet marketers are really benefiting from it because most of them are just confused by it all. This posting is my attempt at clearing up that confusion.

Let’s start off with the definition. Wikipedia states:

“Social media is content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies.”

That is the “book” meaning, however it really all comes down to the very first word “social.” Virtually any site that is actually powered by user-generated information is a social media site! With that being said, let me tell you something that most folks do not realize for a WHILE, that causes them to waste time bugging legitimate users by spamming those users… ultimately getting their accounts suspended.

In a nutshell, please understand that there are MANY different types of social media web sites and each one has it’s own benefits to you as an Internet Marketer. They are NOT all the same thing. Some can be leveraged in the same basic way. Several provide the same benefit if leveraged the right way, but all are different!

For example, social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon are best leveraged as direct exposure tools. Good, viral content that you generate can gain 1000′s, even millions, of new site visitors coming from these sites when your site visitors bookmark them. But, you really do not go to Digg or SU to build links (it’s all nofollowed) or even to be able to network. Truth be told there will be different social bookmarking sites which will give you a followed link. There might even be a few that are great for networking. Which is where my point comes in. They are all different!

LinkedIn is a social site that is all about networking. Meeting other people within your own area of interest. Making good friends, which is actually just what social networking is all about!

Facebook and Twitter are practical for direct exposure as well as networking. And as a side note, I tend to recommend creating separate accounts for business and private use.

Presently there is an enormous dilemma with several social media sites and spam, most definitely Twitter. This particular dilemma comes from confused entrepreneurs that do not recognize that each website is without a doubt different.

The problem is spam. Yet this spam isn’t coming from sneaky, dishonest scammers like most spam comes from. It’s coming from “newbie” Internet Marketers who are finding very broad facts relating to the subject and acting on that info without any kind of real understanding of the practical applications.

I get direct mail messages on Twitter on a regular basis from people pitching their “deal”, like we’re best friends even though I have never written to them in my life. They really do not realize that Twitter (for instance) is just like real life. Start using it so that you make friends. Communicate NORMAL to people. Get to know them, assist them, share with them.

Things like this take place on just about all of the big social sites. Each problem is definitely unique to the site it crops up on, but it all comes from users trying to use a social platform in the incorrect way. And so what’s the bottomline? Sorry to say, the best advice I can offer you, or anybody for that matter, can offer you, is to look at each and every site differently!

Every time a new social media site begins to gain popularity I create an account and start making use of it PRECISELY HOW IT’S MEANT TO BE USED. Once I know it, I then start to think of ways in which it can benefit my business, if any. It comes down to this. Almost all social media sites tend to be best leveraged by using them EXACTLY HOW THEY’RE MEANT TO BE USED!

No need to force URL’s or ads onto people you really don’t know. Don’t bend or even break the rules of the sites. Merely sign up. Find out the main objective and intention of the site and then use it. Promoting and marketing isn’t always about ads and pushy sales talk. It’s also about making contacts, expressing ideas and information, helping people better their lives. It’s basically being active and involved.

Lee Green, Success Coach and Business Mentor

Lee has over 30 years of business experience and has been online since 1994. He is an internet marketing and direct response professional and specializes in Web 2.0, Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing strategies and techniques. People consider him consistently reliable, a good and well-liked friend and trusted advisor.

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These Simple Steps Will Make PPC Marketing Simple

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I see a lot of people making the same HUGE mistake that I made when I first started with PPC marketing. With all of the claims of easy money from affiliate marketing and the infinite number of copy and profit systems found on the internet today, it is very easy for anybody to waste lots of money by placing their affiliate link directly in the ads they place. Now this method is OK if you have an incredible sales page to push or the product is yours. But, even then you can expect a conversion of around 1%. Now, if you make one sale for every 100 people and it only costs you $10 to get them all, but you earn $100 per sale those numbers aren’t bad. The reality of the situation is that those types of numbers are very unrealistic. You can usually count on prices of $0.50 or more per click and obviously higher priced items are going to have lower conversions if you don’t qualify your leads. But the biggest problem with all of this, is that once your prospect enters the landing page, they are no longer yours. This means that they either decide to buy “now” or they disappear forever. There are three things you can use to leverage ppc marketing campaign efforts.

1) I have decided to focus solely on Facebook PPC marketing. Facebook allows me to target ad impressions to an impossible level of detail. On top of that, Facebook is generally cheaper per click than many other platforms. So, you can make use of the ability to demographically target your ppc marketing and the best part is that it is cheaper than ever. You most likely already do your research for your PPC campaigns with Alexa, but many people have not tried Quantcast which is better in my opinion, especially in terms of demographics. Just take the URL of the desired product and check to see who is interested and where they are from. If you combine this easy research with some quick looks at the Facebook groups and fan pages that fit your niche, you are already giving your conversion rates a nice nudge in the right direction. This method alone allowed me to achieve a 3% conversion when I used it to send the traffic directly to the landing pages.

2) If you don’t use squeeze pages, you are throwing away 97% of your ppc marketing money. If you don’t know what that is, you need to check it out, right now. As mentioned above, leads you send directly to the product sales page are now essentially dead to you. They either buy or they don’t. Even worse is if they sign up for the mailing list offered on the sales page, because some affiliate vendors don’t credit those future sales back to you. That means you spent your money and they may make a sale in the future off of that contact which will earn you $0. A good capture page is a great way for you to build your own list (you have to get an autorepsonder if you don’t want to go crazy) and potentially make future commissions you would have otherwise lost. In fact, an acceptable tactic is making a quick video squeeze page that redirects people to the sales page after they opt-in. Normally you would entice them with some free offer, such as an eBook or other easy to produce gift. You would then have a lead that you could sell to over the course of a few months or even years.

3) We can’t improve the quality of the sales pages of the products we choose to sell, our best option is to create our own custom landing pages. If you make a content rich micro-site that brands you as an authority, people will purchase more products from you. The more you work on building your image and creating a system of rapport, the more your prospects will trust your recommendations. This of course will result in raising your conversion rates when you send your ppc marketing leads through to the product sales pages.

These quick tips are just the beginning of creating a successful PPC marketing campaign. There are dozens of ebooks, strategies, and products that can help you improve your techniques. In my opinion PPC marketing is a great way to generate traffic, but if you aren’t careful it is also a great way to go broke.

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Profitable Home Based Business – Different Kinds of Marketing

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Have you ever considered the true power of the internet? You are online right now, and so are hundreds of millions of other people this very moment. In a given month, 1.5 billion people will sign onto the internet in more than 160 countries around the globe. There is no larger market anywhere.

You can tap into the potential of making money from these 1.5 billion internet users by getting started in a profitable home based business. Of course, not all of these users will have interest in the product you want to market, but the pool of potential clients is monstrous. There are many different kinds of startup home based businesses that operate successfully online, and some of them will be explored here.

Multi-level marketing, or MLM, is one of the basic methods of selling goods online. It is done through distributors. If you become the distributor of a product, you forgo the necessity of learning how to produce, store or ship the items and focus all your efforts instead on pure marketing. You earn commissions for every sale you make and every new person you recruit to become a distributor alongside you. This has the potential to become a very profitable home based business if you receive the proper marketing training.

A direct marketing opportunity is similar, except the customers are contacted directly rather than by using intervening media. Direct mail and proper e-mail techniques are used to make a direct marketing opportunity a profitable home based business. The success of your efforts is measured in the amount of customers who respond to your calls to action. Any response from your customer is a considered a positive one and this is how leads are turned into sales and sales into a steady income for yourself. You should be very comfortable with people if you choose this option.

Affiliate marketing is popular today as well. This profitable home based business idea involves promoting a website that is not your own through revenue-sharing advertisements that link the sites together. Affiliates have banners and ads on their sites and when a sale is generated because a customer reached the product-selling website through that link, the affiliate earns a commission. All of these options have the potential to become a profitable home based business, but before you choose one or the other, you should discover which option fits your lifestyle and personality the best.

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5 Tips to Market Your Vacation Property

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As the spring and summer vacation season begin, many vacation property owners are left with the question, “How do I keep my property booked?”

When considering how your future guests search, and what resonates with them, keep these tips in mind.

1-Property Web Site: When your future renters start their selection process, what is the first thing they do? Search. While you may chose to list in directory sites, an individualized website specifically for your property is one of the smartest investments you can make. A website for your specific property allows you to employ search engine optimization to ensure your site is visible for those who are looking for vacations in your area. Whether you choose to create a site yourself or utilize a web designer, be sure the focus includes optimized content. When you create a site that highlights the features and benefits of the property, but also serves as an information source, not only are you recognized by search engines more effectively, but more importantly are providing your future renters with the information they need to make a decision away from competing listings.

2-Renter Centric Listings: Many vacation property owners utilize crowded directory listing sites. While these sites benefit homeowners with their advertising budgets, marketing initiatives and traffic, the homeowner is left competing with thousands of listings in the same location. To make a listing stand out, property owners must create listings with the future renter in mind. What are they searching for? What makes your property unique? What has been the deciding factor for previous guests? Does your listing clearly outline each of these? By focusing on what the future renter is looking for and addressing common questions renters may have, your listing becomes an information source for the guest.

3-Photographs: It goes without saying, but pictures are indeed worth a thousand words (or, in this case thousands of dollars for you!) In today’s digital world, your renters expect to have an insight into your property before making a decision. Use high quality photographs while keeping the renter in mind. By anticipating what triggers are key for your renters, you can focus on photographs that lead to conversions. For example, if your market research shows you that your property is attractive to families, photographs that create a sense of romance such as sunsets are not as effective as a family horseback riding down the beach or frolicking in the search. Keep your renters in mind and don’t allow yourself to be limited in the number of photographs used.

4-Do Your Homework: How well do you know your renters? How well do you understand their triggers? How well do you know what they search for? How well do you know what triggers their decision? Your vacation property is like any property taken to market, and you must approach it the same way you would approach marketing any product. If you do not understand marketing principles to help you identify these key factors, an investment in a marketing partner can be invaluable. If you choose to market independently make sure at a minimum you are surveying your guests (great opportunity to collect testimonials) have access to search terms through site or listing analytics, have access to exit page statistics, and competitor data.

5-Stay Connected: Your future guests are taking to the internet to search and that means more than just Google. Utilize social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to connect directly with your future guests. Tools like allow you to search specific key words to identify people who are having conversations about your location, their needs and seeking referrals. Tapping in and listening opens the door for you to have direct conversations with your direct market.

Vacation property owners must understand in this competitive market everything that is done must be designed with the idea of differentiating their property in the marketplace. Just as any product in the marketplace must be marketed, so must your property.

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The Benefits of a Direct Mail List

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If you are planning a mailshot to increase your business, you may have to accept that much of your output is going to end up as junk mail in someone’s recycling bin. Using a well-targeted direct mailing list may help reduce this and improve your chances of positive responses to your mailshot.

To be effective, a direct mail list needs to needs to be well targeted. To maximise your chances of getting new or repeat business, you should be confident that the recipients of your mailshot are at least potentially interested in what you may have to offer. There’s also little point in sending promotional literature out to people who are inappropriate or who have expressed a wish through mailing preference services not to receive such information.

Not only is it a waste of their time and yours, it also costs you money. While there may be an argument for saying that you are in the best position to keep your mailing list up to date since you know your market and your customers, the reality is that it is a task that requires time, effort and commitment.

You just may not have the time, the resources or the expertise to create and maintain an accurate an up-to-date marketing database. In these circumstances, your company may benefit from the use of professional business mailing list services. Once the provider knows what your requirements are, they can provide you with a mailing list of customers or businesses tailored to your own unique requirements.

In the case of services of this type, the quality of data should be guaranteed so that you are confident that your list will contain entries relevant to your business activities. So, for example, if you are trying to reach consumers directly, direct mail lists should typically provide you with details of employment and income, loans held, hobbies and interests, cars and insurances etc.

For businesses, in addition to details about turnover and size, a named contact rather than just a generic job title can be very beneficial. Ongoing regular business mail list maintenance helps ensure that there are no duplicate names and entries should be changed or deleted as additional information becomes available. Also, look for companies that provide a direct mail list complete with preference services flags to help you identify those people or businesses that have opted not to receive unsolicited contact.

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Practical Social Marketing Tips – Why Would I Want to Build an Online Presence With Social Media?

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Here’s an interesting Social Marketing question that was asked at the recent Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop:

Q: Why would I want to build an online presence using Social Media?

The question came from the notion that Social Media and Social Marketing are just about connecting with your friends. Well, it can be about that. But it is now about so much more!

Get Found. Get Viewed. Get Traffic. Get Profits

While Facebook may have started as something just for college students, it is now the number two website in the world. If the number of people who have Facebook accounts were a country, they would be the 4th largest country in the world.

And that is just one Social Marketing site. Let’s take a closer look at the value of strong online visibility.

Get Found – Because there are millions of sites on the Internet, the first and most important step is getting found. Having a strong online presence allows you to erect “multiple sign posts” leading to your information. And here is the bottom line: Getting found is everything. In all the noise in your niche, when you get found, you are heads and tails above everyone else.

Get Viewed – The steps here are simple – once you get found, prospects can view your information contained in the signposts you have erected. As prospects begin to consume your information and realize that you know what you are talking about, they begin to know, like and trust you. You can then direct them to other resources you may have, which leads to the next step.

Get Traffic – One of the beauties of having many sign posts in your Social Marketing system is that you can use these signpost to direct the prospect (traffic) where you want them to go, which is to access more information from you.In this way you are not chasing traffic, you are getting yourself if front of where the traffic is going and then directing it where you want it to go.

Get Profits – When traffic is properly directed it turns into profits. If getting found is the most important thing in Social Marketing, then what the prospect finds once they get there is a very close second. When the prospect finds more good information from you that is helpful to them, followed by an offer of a paid resource that is going to help them even more, they are much more likely to buy from you.

Bonus Tip: When your prospect sees you in multiple places online, you are seen as the expert and they feel like they have spent lots of time with you. Which allows them to trust you and spend lots of money with you.

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