Marketing – 6 Easy Steps to Achieve Greater Marketing Success

“How do I market my business better?”, is the most frequent question my clients ask me. Many of them are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because they are not getting much success out of the marketing plans they create.Often, my clients are doing the “right” marketing activities. However, an unclear marketing message, lack of focus, and lack of persistent marketing campaigning activities are usually the culprits for their lack of marketing success.The following 6 ways will help you get your marketing campaign back on track, yielding more positive marketing results for your company:1. Know why you’re different. What makes you unique? Why will customers buy from you? Your target market must understand what your unique value proposition is in the market. Similarities and differences between you and your competitors must be sharply defined and communicated. (Don’t forget, these unique attributes you possess have to be important to your customers!)2. Know what problem you are trying to solve for your target market. Customers will not buy your products or services unless they solve their problems, and ease their pain. A good way to find out what your target market’s problems are is to simply ask them!Develop a succinct one-line problem statement. For example, a beach towel manufacturer’s problem statement might be, “To protect individuals’ bodies from dirt and sand.” Create products and services that solve problems.3. Know the benefits your market will experience using your products or services. A quick note, features describe the attributes of a product. For example, a consultant may be “knowledgeable” or a product may be “high quality”.Benefits describe the experience of a product. Using the above examples, being a knowledgeable consultant may mean to the customer they will save “x” dollars in consulting fees because the job done in fewer hours.4. Know how to price your products and services. Price communicates to your target market the intended value proposition of your offerings. Five things that must be considered in setting prices. They are:
Market demand
Your company’s costs
Your company’s perceived value in the market
Your competitors’ costs, prices, and perceived value in the market
Possible price reactions of competitors to YOUR prices
5. Know which tools to use to promote your business. Promotion is the communications strategy of your marketing plan. Here you will plan your marketing message and the tools you will use to spread the word about your business to your target market.Your promotion strategy will primarily consist of these activities: Advertising (newspapers, Web banners, radio spots, TV spots, posters, and flyers), Public Relations and Publicity (news releases, feature stories/interviews, photos, speeches, online chats and forums), Direct Marketing (direct mail, post cards, opt-in-email) and company marketing materials (business cards, brochures, product literature).6. Develop a synergistic marketing campaign. Use a combination of three “active” and three “passive” marketing techniques.”Active” means there is two-way communication occurring between you and your potential customer. Examples of active marketing techniques are networking, talking on the telephone, and writing emails.”Passive” means there is one-way communication occurring. Examples of passive marketing techniques are your Web site, direct mail, and Pay-per-Click advertising.Make sure all six of your methods work together, and continually lead prospective clients to your other marketing techniques. For example, you might make a speech to a networking group and mention your web site during your speech to encourage people to visit. Then, while visiting your web site, you will encourage people to sign up for your email newsletter.Get the picture?One last point.Don’t forget to develop goals, objectives, and action plans to complete the work of developing your marketing campaign.By taking these steps, and committing to an ongoing marketing campaign, I can guarantee you will be on the path toward greater marketing success!

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