Keeping a Positive Attitude in Network Marketing

I was recently asked a question about keeping a positive attitude when the economy is so uncertain.

I have two answers to this question. My first answer is that something in life is always changing. Sometimes it’s the economy that’s changing. Sometimes it’s our home life that is changing and sometimes it’s the product line we sell that’s changing. Life is always changing.

My second answer is about attitude in general. We get to make a choice each and every day about our attitude. It’s up to us if we present a smile or a frown to the world. When life throws us a curve ball, again it’s up to us how we react and respond to the situation.

In network marketing, there are slower times and there are busier times. Holidays will always create more business than summer time. With a negative attitude about summer it’s hard to think outside of the box. With a positive attitude you might look for clever ways to market yourself and your products over the summer months.

In network marketing, you will hear the word no. There will be people who don’t wish to buy your products and there will be people who don’t wish to take advantage of the business opportunity. How you respond to these no’s is up to you. You can get discouraged and quit or you can keep asking and wait for those yes’es. I remember a mentor of mine once telling me to go after one hundred no’s. His reasoning was that I was bound to find yes’es as I went after my goal of one hundred no’s. What a difference in attitude, getting discouraged by no’s and working hard to get to one hundred no’s.

Think of yourself as the customer. Who do you want to work with and do business with? The person with the negative attitude or the person with the positive attitude?

My daughter and I recently were out car shopping. We had to choose from two sales people. One was smiling and said hello to us. The other made a short joke. My daughter is a little less than five feet tall. Which attitude would you rather work with? We chose the man who smiled and said hello.

Next time life or the economy changes, make a decision to keep a positive attitude. You’ll find that it will help your business all around.

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