Direct Marketing Sales Postcards – Lead Generation Marketing System Program

Direct marketing sales postcards, especially an over sized postcard is the most effect lead generation marketing system. However the lead generation marketing program must use a system of mastering the readers emotions. Find out how effective direct marketing sales postcards provide the most effective leads.

So far you have only just begun your greatest challenge. Quite a few sales agents drop out because they simply can’t sell. However, 75% of direct sales representative fall by the wayside due to a poor lead generation program. They are unskilled at creating a sufficient quality responses Make sure your lead generation marketing leads to having a never ending supply of responding postcard prospects. Keep in mind that only a great lead generation system can lead to success.

1. Force your direct mail advertising piece to focus on the client’s emotions. Your sales postcards demonstrate emotional feelings provided by benefits of your product. Or service. Hit their emotions so hard they want to start taking action now. Use realistic true stories to draw people emotionally into your message. Example: “After implementing our lead generation tracking sources, you can acquire more clients, referrals, and free time.” Don’t ever over exaggerate benefits. Find out how to hammer hit emotions. Your lead program generates increased sales postcards response by adding an incentive. Upgrading your offer with a gift card for a nice restaurant dinner just for clients responding and listening briefly to your offer. This is a surefire way to beat the normal system..

2. With direct marketing it’s not door #1, door #2, or door #3. You may write, rewrite, and rewrite again your sales postcard piece to try to make it sound fantastic. Remember though, your prospective agents eyes fly through your words, making a hasty decision. Don’t make your advertising sound like a plea offer, by giving a variety of choices. A person afraid of making the wrong choice end ups with no choice made. You lose replies. The time to give choices is After the responses from sales psotcards are in. Without a positive response, tomorrow is gone. Probably gone forever. You can never make you lead generation system too good.

3. Make the prospect your best offer right now. It’s now or probably never. Add the logic for them to take to act immediately It is a major reason people respond to your advertising copy. The stronger your offer is, the greater response you’ll get. Always show the absolute best offer your prospect could imagine and of course why today is the day. Encourage a reader to “Call right now to talk directly to our marketing director. Immediately find out it you qualify”. Use a P.S. at the closing: like a bonus free tips video, special act now price, free ebook for the next 43 callers, etc. Every extra lead your lead generation program kicks out is a profitable bonus.

Read the next 3 direct mail sales postcards you receive from a previously unknown source. Pick your response out of these four.

1. I feel emotionally inclined to reply,
2. I’m getting information about something I don’t desire to have
3.The product is good but the offer could entice me only with a stronger offer. (30% off versus 5% off).
4. I get more excited watching new $19.95 new product offerings on the television.

Your direct marketing must immediate grab an urge for your prospect to read on and become a sales lead.

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