Direct-Marketing – Can Usana Products Meet the Challenges?

The most formidable challenge in marketing is being able to effectively capture or captivate an audience and motivate them to join, buy or subscribe to an organization, product or service. The product or service is often times advertised either by an e-mail prompt to visit a website, if not just receipt of and advertisement through direct mail. But the fact still remains: the product or service had better be something that makes the public stop in it’s tracks and pay close attention to it!

Usana products stand to be a very good example of how products are presented to the world in this manner. And from the standpoint of it not only being a product that the world wants, in keeping in the ongoing trend of health and wellness, it has a developed a proven success margin through the way it’s presented which is through a rather basic MLM sales scheme. Moreover, the advertiser guarantees an individual’s success upon visiting and participating in aggressive distributorship.

The Usana Essentials, for example, is among the highest rated daily vitamin supplementary products in the world. WIth it’s supplement of Mega Antioxidants and Chelated Minerals, these two essentials provide 13 vitamins, 12 minerals and 20 antioxidants, which are quite beneficial for the brain, heart, muscles, bone, digestive system, and more.

Usana has another product called, “Reset”, which is a scientifically developed supplement for individuals seeking to effectively manage weight loss. In fact, a 5-day healthier self-reinvention campaign is assured along with other good habits in the areas of good eating and exercise while promoting vibrant health. The product is even endorsed by world-renowned athletes, such as Jennifer Acie, Derek Parra, Jose Rivera, Robert Pule and Jenn Hyall, to name a few.

Usana is promoted by Their marketing team has an elaborate payplan that involves aggressive sales campaigns. The pay structure for successful members, upon purchase of the free starter kit by joining through the website is set up in what’s called a business center – the core setup of the member structure. A member gets two members to join. Those two members compose the ‘left leg’ and the ‘right leg’ of the first member’s downline and so on with no limit. This is their effective sales diagram which they refer to as ‘the power of 2′. Additionally, there are matching bonuses in which an associate can earn an additional 25% of sales profits that certain associates in their downline earn for a period of 32 weeks only.

To successfully promote a product like this on an outbound basis, where an individual has to ‘go out’ and sell others on the idea can involve a tremendous amount of hard work. Not to mention the fact that earnings, although evenly distributed throughout the downlines (with the exception of any matching bonuses), is based on expectation of high volumes of affiliates joining the team in order for the ones at the top to really become successful and amass decent incomes.

Some individuals may be inclined to join, being fully aware of the hard work associated with getting it off the ground for themselves. But there are definitely other ways to generate significant amounts of income every week or month without necessarily ‘cold-calling’ leads for building profitable downlines. Internet marketing is a very good example of amassing a decent income through hard work, although not as challenging as direct-marketing, since it’s primarily based on inbound activity over internet websites, rather than outbound activities which often times involves some serious pavement pounding. Either way, the fact still remains in any form of marketing, especially in times like today: whatever’s being offered had better be very darned good!

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