Direct Mail Postcard Marketing, Direct Mail Postcard Strategies

Direct mail postcard marketing is not a new or fancy way of marketing your business, but it can be extremely effective if done correctly. In fact, I once built a huge network marketing business nearly entirely through the use of direct mail postcard marketing. In a matter of months, I added hundreds of people to my organization as a result of postcard marketing. All you really need to do is give it some proper planning and follow these easy instructions.First of all, you need to know your audience. You will greatly increase your odds of success if you know what type of people you are mailing to. Are they business owners, health care professionals, old, young, married, single, etc… Maybe they all live in the same ZIP code or in the same school district? Somehow you have to narrow this down so you can run a targeted campaign. Once you identify the demographic, then you need to identify a need that these people have and how you can provide the solution. Here’s an example:Let’s say you are an insurance agent and you can get ahold of a mailing list of everyone who recently purchased a home in your surrounding area (these lists can be obtained online or through a title company or your County Clerk). You can now send out a postcard to all of these folks offering them a review of their current policy. Sounds like a simple idea but as simple as it is, most people will not do it. So you should!Now, what to say on the postcard? Here’s where I felt that my postcard campaigns always had an advantage. I would always ask questions. So going back to the insurance idea, instead of stating how wonderful your rates are, I would say “Are you tired of overpaying for home owner’s insurance?”. This question actually stings a bit because most people really don’t like paying for insurance. Now you have the prospect thinking that maybe they should consider other options (and your phone number is right there in their hand). Are you getting the picture here?Finally, I would always provide a way for people to get more information without having to call me directly. No one wants to be sold or even talk to a salesperson. But if they can get information online or on a toll-free recorded message, then they are far more apt to respond. Toll free numbers are great because they capture the callers phone number and then you can call them back.Let’s recap… In order for direct mail postcard marketing to be most effective, you need to know your audience, ask pointed questions, and have an automated response system.

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