Christian Multi Level Marketing Review – Is There Such a Thing As Christian Multi Level Marketing?

First of all what is multi-level marketing (or MLM) or network marketing? Wikipedia defines that as: “The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters they introduce to the company, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation in the form of a pyramid. The products and company are usually marketed directly to consumers and potential business partners by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing.” In other words, there are generally two ways that someone would make money in an MLM. First is through the buying and selling of the company’s products. Second is by enticing others to join you in the business so that you are able to make money (or commissions) off their sales and what they generate by in turn bringing in others to the business.Unfortunately Network Marketing often times has a really negative stigma, and is misunderstood for something it truly is not. It is NOT what one sometimes mistakenly equates to a pyramid. An example of a “pyramid scheme” would be where someone sends out something (normally money) to names on a list, expecting to get more back than they sent out, when in fact everything just ends up going to a few people at the top of the pyramid. To the best of my knowledge pyramids are illegal. The difference between a pyramid and multi-level marketing is that there is an actual product (or products) involved with network marketing, and people have the opportunity to make money or commissions from the people that are in their teams in the hierarchy below them, based on their teammates performance. A big advantage to MLMs or Home Businesses it that it normally would not require the overhead or inventory or other costs associated with someone opening a traditional franchise.This brings us to the topic of this review…Should there actually be Christian Multi Level Marketing in the first place? Are Christians setting a good example by being involved in such a business? While a good home-business should not require a massive amount of investment, it is realistic to expect some kind of investment. At the same time, it is realistic to expect that with some “sweat equity” there should realistically be a positive return on this investment. Instead are Christians chasing away the people that they want to reach by trying to introduce someone to their business? Is this a scam, and will Christians simply cause a series of complaint against them and Christianity as a whole?These are some very tough questions. From a Christian standpoint, there is nothing wrong with money, but the “love of money” is something that is talked about many times in the Bible as being wrong. Even Apostle Paul raised money for Jerusalem and even was a tent-maker by profession. So for Christians it is clear that money is a simple necessity to survive, especially in our society today that uses money for simple things like food and basic essentials. Churches even take up offerings as a way to raise money to help causes that they support. People have to make a living somehow, so what is wrong with having a business that ends up being very profitable, so that as Christians we are able to bless others with what we are able to earn? I would suspect that most churches have paid staff members, including the head pastor.The problem that a lot of people have with network marketing is that one can run the risk of losing friends that are not interested in being approached with their business opportunity, and they are not interested in the products that they are promoting. Also since Network Marketing frequently carries this negative stigma of being dishonest, someone approaching another this way can be taken as an attempt to take advantage of someone, or an attempt to entice someone else into doing something that they should not be doing.I as a Christian myself believe that there is nothing wrong with being involved with network marketing, and think that there is a lot of good that one can do for others in this capacity. Instead it has everything to do with what home business opportunity you are standing behind. Since by nature no one would normally become involved in an MLM without the expectation of others joining in it is of extremen importance to research a company first, as a network marketer what you do affects not just you but others as well. Check out a company’s products first, and do they truly help people Find out what kind of training the company offers and support there is for others that you bring on board. Finally what are the other people like in this company and do they like this company as well.In conclusion, you will have to decide for yourself if network marketing is for you. Don’t jump into things blindly and when you do approach others, only do so if if you feel that you can be a blessing to them by sharing what you have. Finally it is important to keep in mind that you will encounter resistance to what you are doing and issues that I have mentioned above likely will come up as some point. Your job I think is to simply to point out that this works for you and maybe (and maybe not) it would work for them, and why keep this from others if you truly feel that they could benefit as well.

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